Service Agreement

The DPC Service Agreement

Our Service Agreement contains terms and conditions showing that DPC is transparent about everything it does. It clearly states all our terms and conditions.

The DPC Service Agreement

Products, Services and Training Course Terms and Conditions

Service agreement between you and DPC

This service agreement shows that DPC is transparent about everything we do. It clearly states the guiding terms and conditions for contracting our services, purchasing product licenses and taking our training courses.

I understand that this is a service agreement between EBC y Asociados Idiomas Internacional SL. trading as Data Protection Controls, located in Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain, herein referred to as “DPC” and me. Accordingly, this service agreement is subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.

Public health protocol

DPC adheres to all public health protocols required by Spanish law. Therefore, if I visit DPC, I will respect all protocols in place at the time of my visit.


I acknowledge that all official correspondence shall be conducted via email. I understand if I want to change any arrangement with DPC (reschedule, change, cancellation etc.) I must do so via email. Should my email address or pertinent contact information change, I shall notify DPC within a reasonable time. I understand that it is my sole responsibility or the responsibility of my authorised representative to check for all continuous email correspondence from an authorised DPC representative.

Contracting services and licenses

I understand that I will be asked to sign a contract before my chosen service or product license provision begins. I also appreciate that DPC will perform KYC and AML due diligence as part of the contract process. The service contract (content shown below) will be adapted to your requirements.

Contract section headings

  1. The relationship between you and DPC
  2. The services DPC will provide
  3. DPC’s warranties
  4. DPC obligations
  5. Invoicing and fees
  6. Tax and tax indemnity
  7. Your obligations
  8. Intellectual property
  9. Non-Disclosure
  10. Confidentiality
  11. Computer equipment warranty
  12. Liability
  13. Illegality
  14. Data protection
  15. Term and Termination
  16. Governing law and jurisdiction
  17. Assignment schedule
    1. General Terms
    2. Mission statement
    3. General task descriptions
    4. Day-to-day operational tasks
    5. Annual tasks
    6. Discretionary tasks
    7. Resourcing
    8. Data Protection Management Software as a Service (DMPSaaS)
    9. Assignment Data Protection
  18. Signatures

Training courses

Service agreement acceptance

By applying for and paying for a DPC course, I agree to be bound by the Training courses content of this DPC Service Agreement.


All DPC courses are open to anyone. DPC is an equal opportunity organisation and prides itself on ensuring diversity. DPC accepts and enrols students continuously during the year. Our goal is to spread professional knowledge and understanding to individuals with high academic ability and professional experience from a wide range of backgrounds who want to upskill or reskill.


I understand that the courses are self-study. I also understand that I will need a laptop, desktop or tablet computer with a reliable internet connection to take a course.

Enrolment and payment

I understand that enrolment and payment are web-based and that I must first register on the training platform and then pay for my chosen course. I acknowledge that I may start the course after I pay and that any time constraints for finishing the course start when payment is made.

Passing a course

I acknowledge that I can fail a DPC course if I do not perform to the required standard. I also understand that if I fail a DPC course, I will need to enrol and pay again.

Cancellations and refunds

I understand that course fees are not refundable under any circumstances.


I guarantee that all payments I made are taken from my funds. If for whatever reason, a third party pays for my fees for a DPC course on my behalf, I confirm that the third party has agreed to such payment. I understand that I am responsible for all damages, bank fees, credit card fees, or penalties that may be associated with the unauthorised use, transfer, or disclosure of credit or bank account information (for example, but not limited to: any bank charges, disputes, reversals, refunds, legal fees, court fees, or any other fees, expenses or penalties). I agree that I am responsible for paying all payment fees, charges, and associated costs when making payments to DPC.

Training programme changes

I understand that the information contained in all DPC literature, including the DPC website, emails, printed material etc., is believed to be accurate. However, I understand that it may be subject to errors, changes, omissions, course availability, or special offer withdrawal without notice. Therefore, it is my responsibility to contact DPC for periodic updates as the terms of the DPC training programme offers are subject to change without notice.

End of course survey

I will be asked to complete a student survey form at the end of the course. I allow DPC to use all of the information I write on the student survey form in its promotional literature regardless of media type (e.g. web, print, TV, radio etc.) and as a source of ideas for making changes to courses.

Course changes and fee changes

I understand that to improve the quality and content of the course, DPC reserves the right to change any aspect of its training programme, associated services and course fees without notice. I also understand that DPC has the right to correct errors relating to all written material that refers to services offered and prices.


DPC courses increase your skills. However, I understand that DPC does not guarantee that I will get a job in my desired skillset after completing my chosen course.

Course completion certificate

I understand that I will receive a certificate when I complete my chosen course. Courses marked as CPD Certified, issue a CPD accredited certificate.

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