Outsourced data protection management

Take the burden out of data protection management

  • Tired of trying to control and juggle a pile of spreadsheets and other documents?
  • Finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of what is going on?
  • Facing increasing demands from your executive, customers, individuals, regulators and more?

Let Data Protection Controls (DPC) manage your data privacy.

  1. Our 100% transparent data protection management software as a service (DPMSaaS) enables us to manage your data privacy and gives you the comfort of seeing what has been done.
  2. We give you guidance about the information you need to record and then we manage it in the DPMSaaS.
  3. We record your data privacy status and metrics and give you easy to read and use reports that will help you improve and enhance your data privacy.
  4. The records in the DPMSaaS will help you evidence your data privacy status immediately and whenever you need it.
  5. The records in the DPMSaaS can be classified for different regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPEDA, etc.

Suitable for small, medium, large and multinational organisations

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