Data Protection Controls

  • CPD accredited Data Protection Officer training
  • We simplify data privacy implementation and oversight
  • We deliver a business sector agnostic structure
  • Get benchmarked data protection compliance and oversight
  • Our unified structure is in operation in multiple business sectors
  • Services in English and Spanish for GDPR operations

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  • Unified Data Privacy Framework
  • SaaS Privacy Records Management
  • CPD accredited training
  • Consultancy services
  • “Kickstart” your privacy programme

What do we do?

  1. data protection controlsWe simplify the process for organisations like yours to become data protection compliant.
  2. We engage with clients across the entire profit and non-profit spectrum.
  3. Our solutions include consulting, managed services, training and outsourcing.
  4. We deliver very challenging data privacy and protection projects.
  5. We share our expertise and insight with you to help achieve your data protection objectives.

Three good reasons to hire us

  1. Insight: We know that data protection is all about governance, management, oversight and training and is not solely about technological challenges.
  2. Pragmatic: Our data protection products and services will help keep you protected through our traceable Unified Data Privacy Framework and operating model built from regulatory knowledge and practical business experience.
  3. Cost effective: Our solutions do not require expensive tools, additional software or extensive disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Reduce time, effort and cost by implementing our sustainable unified data privacy framework and operating model into your existing managerial and operational infrastructure.

Accredited Data Protection Officer Comprehensive Training

data protection officer training

Learn your DPO skills on one course rather than two or more and save a lot of money.

  • Want to join the next generation of Data Protection Officers?
  • Web research shows that DPO demand is rising, and the compensation is good.
  • A 2022 Barclay Simpson UK survey indicates that a DPO can earn up to 150,000 GBP full-time or 800 GBP per day contract.
  • It also says that “insufficient technical or regulatory knowledge is a key challenge to hiring the right staff”.
  • Get the knowledge you need on our CPD Certified Data Protection Officer Comprehensive Training course.

Find out more about our DPO course, dates, fees and certificate issuing.

CPD certified and accredited CPD certified training course

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Code of ethics

Code of Ethics

Our ethical foundation is to improve efficiency, improve quality of life, and enable personal data privacy.

We are radically opposed to the abuse of information that may result in:

  • manipulating perception,
  • unfair business practices,
  • control that diminishes or removes individual freedom,
  • prejudicial treatment,
  • subliminal and overt thought manipulation.

This may sound over the top, but when you think about it, the amount of detailed information about individuals grows daily. Unfortunately, the temptation to use this information without regard for ethics also grows daily.

As DPC is a thought leader in a collective that captures, collates and analyses this data, DPC is responsible for ensuring that information is not abused.

Everything published on the DPC website is based on project experiences, problems encountered, lessons learned and solutions delivered.

Our delivery services

Assessment and Audit

data protectiion assessment and audit

What we will do

  • Current state assessment
  • Data content profiling and risk
  • Gap report of your current state against our benchmark model
  • Road-map to compliance
  • Board papers for estimated cost and effort

Unified data privacy framework delivery

data protection framework implementation

What we will do

  • Work driven by Assessment and Audit
  • Plan, resource and mobilise teams
  • Assign a Data Protection Officer
  • Contracts "firewall"
  • Governance and operating model

Maintenance and remediation

data protection maintenance and remediation

What we will do

  • Risk assess business areas
  • Establish risk-aligned remediation sequencing
  • Build the remediation process
  • Run the remediation process in a risk-rated sequence
  • Initiate ongoing maintenance

Now find out more

Contact us today to learn more about our assessment, audit, framework delivery, and operational services.

Kickstart your GDPR delivery

Limited budget?

data protection kickstart

Get GDPR Kickstart!

Kickstart your GDPR implementation

Are you part of a Small and Medium size Enterprise (SME) with a limited budget? If so, this solution may be for you.

Our GDPR kickstart service includes:

  • a one-week assessment and training programme
  • an implementation guide
  • templates to help you establish governance
  • a secure operational structure and regulatory documentation artefacts all 100% mapped to the GDPR
  • oversight of your implementation progress

Now find out more

Contact us today to learn more about the “Do It Yourself” Kickstart GDPR implementation service.

Our support services

Data protection training

data protection training
CPD certified and accredited

What we will do

  • Accredited Data Protection Officer Skills training - CPD certified
  • Executive, management and staff training
  • Confidentiality and trust awareness training
  • Data privacy and protection terminology training

Data Protection Officer support

data protection officer

What we will do

  • Support for your GDPR Data Protection Officer needs
  • Job search and training for appointing your own in-house Data Protection Officer
  • Hire us as your outsourced Data Protection Officer

EU GDPR representative

data protection EU representative

What we will do

  • Provide a GDPR Controller's Representative as an outsourced service
  • Assess whether your organisation processes European Union individuals' personal data
  • Assess your European Union presence and GDPR skills
  • Provide you with an outsourced representative in the European Union

Now find out more

Contact us today to learn more about our training and outsourcing support services.

Transparency, Security, Quality

Our mission is to simplify the process for organisations like yours to implement and maintain data privacy compliance.

We have successfully delivered very challenging data protection projects. We share our expertise and insight with you to help you achieve your data privacy objectives.

data privacy management

Scalable for all sizes

Our services and products are suitable and scalable for small, medium and large enterprises.

data protection services

Comprehensive Solutions

We off a full range of data privacy products and services a Unified Data Privacy Framework, SaaS Privacy Records Management, Consultancy and Training, and a “Kickstart” your privacy programme


Contact us today for data privacy consultancy, training and our privacy records management SaaS

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data protection controls

Data Protection Controls

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