Our clients

Clients that have used our services to build their data privacy and data protection framework and operating model.


  • Sector: Real Estate
  • Coverage: UK
  • Purpose: Provides working communities all over the UK with offices, workshops, storage, meeting rooms and more to rent for a day or long-term.

Brookes Bell

  • Sector: Marine Consultancy
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: International marine consultancy and marine surveying firm providing comprehensive services in the marine and energy sector.


  • Sector: Financial services
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: Helps small businesses get working capital for business funding.


  • Sector: Electronic tracking
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: Predictive learning system, connecting car content, car and driver analytics and map data enrichment.


  • Sector: Software development
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: Provides insurance and IT solutions for general, life, health with customers on five continents.

International Chamber of Shipping

  • Sector: Association
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: The principal trade association for merchant shipowners & operators, representing all sectors and trades.

Likewize (formerly Brightstar)

  • Sector: Telco wireless logistics and device insurance
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: Device insurance and end-to-end supply chain, support, maintenance and management for the wireless ecosystem.


  • Sector: Intellectual Property tracking
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: A global technology company providing anti-piracy, market analytics and audience connection solutions that disrupt the piracy market for digital content.

Nucleus Global

  • Sector: Medical Communications
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: Full in-house consulting and communications services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and to healthcare professionals.

Raino (formerly PleasePay)

  • Sector: Financial Management
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: A business communication tool for personal assistants, secretaries, concierges, and office managers. Integrated processing if requests, quotes, contracts, invoices, payments and documents.

Star (formerly Cogniance)

  • Sector: Software development
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: Building impactful futures for real people through design-led technology solutions that will have a positive effect on people’s lives.

Thomas Miller

  • Sector: Insurance, Wealth Management
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: An independent and international provider of insurance, professional and investment services.

Tindall Riley

  • Sector: Insurance
  • Coverage: Global
  • Purpose: Protection and indemnity insurance for shipowners, professional indemnity insurance for architects, solicitors, and brokers.
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